Kasra Meshkin

kasra@kasra.com tel: 416-821-0219

YEAR: 1991-2001
Company: Ezenet Corp
Co-Founder, President, CEO,CTA, COO

Ezenet Corp is now owned and operated by CGI Group

EZENET Corp. provided software solutions and integrated technologies for the banking and financial services industry.
Its solutions are deployed in some of the Canada's largest banks, major financial institutions and several trust and insurance companies.

YEAR: 2002-Present
Company: KazTrix CORPORATION
Founder, CEO

Software Development. IT Consulting & Outsourcing.

Kaztrix DataBuilder/Publisher
AI Agent

YEAR: 2002-2004+
Company: i-Vortex Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

With offices in Toronto, Canada and St. Petersburg, Russia I-Vortex Inc. is a High-tech firm, specializing in Tech IT Consulting & Outsourcing.
We deliver innovative and powerful technologies and unite outstanding IT human resources to accommodate our clients with ultimate value
and customer service. Our expertise and unique software development skills allow us to successfully deploy optimum solutions for our clients
sOther Activities

YEAR: 2001
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

Senior Member & Member of TG 1 - Security Committee
(Project 1583)

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to develop an evaluation standard for election voting equipment.
The standard will provide technical specifications for electronic, mechanical, and human factors that can be used by manufacturers of voting machines
or by those purchasing such machines.

YEAR: 2001
Company: CSLIVE Corp
John Roberts;Kasra Meshkin;
Dr. Brian Penney;Manfred Leventhal;Edward Karpovits;Deborah Sterling

Cslive (CDNX - YCZ). was a technology-focused software development company located in Ottawa, Ontario, providing real-time communications using
the Internet as the delivery medium.

YEAR: 2002
Company: WebDAX (The WebDAX Group)
Private Financing ,
Director, Member of advisory board

With a focus targeting medium and large businesses, WebDAX has produced a Broadband Wireless Solution that services the elusive last mile.
The solution offers tight security and unprecedented reliability. The company can build the infrastructure necessary to deliver content at speeds
of 1 Mbps to 155 Mbps rapidly, whilst simultaneously reducing its relative cost structure.

YEAR: 2003-2004
Company: Business Continuity Inc
Advisory, Consulting, Financing

BizCon delivers Business Continuity solutions quickly and effectively. We are a group of Senior Voice and Data Specialists
with over 120 years of engineering and technical experience with Tier 1 Companies including AT&T, Fujitsu, Lucent Technologies Nexsys Corporation,
Nortel Networks and Sidus Corporation , to name a few.

Company: PinPoint Selling Inc
Advisory, Technology Consulting, Application Development

Pinpoint Selling is the world's sole provider of an automated 1 to 1 customer engagement solution. Our hosted service creates a value exchange in which
customers volunteer information so companies can in turn present real time relevant content and offers. We provide Direct Response agencies and their
clients a complete framework to engage anyone who communicates with them with content that actually grows in relevance the more they engage.

Company: EgFirm Inc
Advisory, Technology Consulting, Application Development,

PThrough a revolutionary business model supported by patented and proprietary technologies, Egfirm does what no one else can.
We deliver high-quality printed products in low volume for a great price. Our products range from business cards, brochures and postcards to invitations,
note pads and thank you notes. Egfirm also provides online services and solutions, such as email marketing, websites and postcard marketing.